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February 19, 2017 | JOHN RAY


It’s Friday afternoon here in the suburbs of San Jose.

The sound of the birds mixes with the rumble of traffic and voices of kids playing soccer nearby.


Just a few hours ago, the dozen and a half students and staff of the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Discipleship Training School (DTS) shared their experiences of our week together. People from Canada, Holland, Brazil, the US, Mexico and here in Costa Rica (take a tour of the base here) spoke about what they had learned and felt, how they were both excited and challenged by it all.





















I went around the room and affirmed the gifts and callings I saw in each one. Daniella, a Mexican-American with a prodigious intellect and humble spirit; Pila, a local with a statesman-like quality and desire to see his country know Christ; Frank, a Quebecois with a warrior tenacity and gentle demeanor.


I could go on and on.


These weeks of teaching have a particular cadence. I wish each of you could experience it just once. See the group’s initial reticence when introduced to a new teacher, gradually warming to probing questions and then opening up to

full-on engagement.


Sometimes watching others process, change and grow helps us recognize growth in ourselves. Last night I spent time with Mike and Corrie talking about the gatherings of the group over the past few weeks. I hope y’all can recognize the growth that is taking place.


This week when we get together, we are going to take stock of the process. Come prepared with six words, phrases or ideas that stand out to you from our meetings. Each one must be no longer than 8 words. The best way I know to do this is to go back through your notes and the emails. Don’t overthink it. Just write down the first six that come to mind.


For example, you might write:

“It’s all good” from one of our first meetings. Then “My self-righteousness turns me from God” from week three

for the second one.


You get the idea.


You need six in all. Again, none can be longer than eight words. Please allow time to reflect and do this, as it will be a big part of our meeting on Sunday. This isn’t something to rush; set aside time in your schedule to get it done, even if you aren’t able to meet this Sunday.


Grace and peace, y’all.

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