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When I turned 20 my dad surprised me and a friend with a trip to Las Vegas. Not a gift that I would suggest to anyone wanting to encourage their kids to follow Jesus, but in a strange way the experience has had a profound effect on my faith.


I remember vividly sitting down to a blackjack table and starting to play. I didn’t know exactly how long I’d been there when I finally got up, but I remember feeling hungry and thinking it was about time for supper.


It was 3 am.


I remember rubbing my eyes and looking around at the zombie like humans in front of slot machines, unaware of anything else but the machine in front of them. It scared me.


The Casino did what it was designed to do, with no windows or clocks, it’s purpose is to make you lose track of time, to maximize their profits by making you forget where you are, who you are, and when it is.


It’s not just casinos where this happens, “casino time” is taking over our lives. Light pollution in our environment is having serious consequences outside, but it’s the “light pollution” inside, from our every multiplying screens that’s messing with us. Binge watching and addictive scrolling have the same effect as a casino’s architecture.


Now look, I’m not here to tell y’all to unplug all your electronics and throw them in the lake, but to help us recognize what's happening and take real and tangible steps to counter the negative effects with something more, something life-giving and Christ honoring.


Would you join with us this year as we seek to live in intentionally; with a clear and compelling vision, a wise and proven practice and a solid rooted community?  We come to love what we invest in. We come to love where we put our energy, our attention. We come to love where we place our hope and trust.


And we get to choose where we invest all that. Where are you going to invest it this year?


Grace and peace y’all,



I was reminded of my time in the casino while reading this article on how the practice of following the liturgical calendar can help in our Spiritual Formation.  click here

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